Idds Group: Breath Of Fresh Air For Automotive Dealers

Successfully running and expanding an automobile dealership can test the resilience of the dealer’s nerves. Boosting the bottom line while slugging it out with adversaries can be a tough task. Most dealers find it tough to retain their foothold in such a fiercely competitive market and therefore seek alliance with seasoned automotive professionals who boasts of significant experience and expertise in the industry.

Why IDDS Group?
IDDS Group helps automobile dealers to ferry across this grim scenario. They offer comprehensive solutions to expand automobile dealership with unique product lines and personalized services. The foundation of IDDS Group has been laid by seasoned automotive professionals who are well-versed with the pulse of the automotive segment. The staff constitutes of veterans with 50+ years of automotive experience, fluency in DMS systems, financial statements and proficiency under their belts.

In most dealerships, finance managers play the pivotal role in stabilizing operations, identifying opportunities, exploiting situations and converting potential earning outlets to stepping stones for exponential profit. IDDS Group professionals literally handhold Finance Managers to the pinnacle of professional excellence. This is done by offering them contemporary training modules that would set their characters apart from the herd.

Services that help change fortunes
Accomplished IDDS Finance Managers know what drives the market; they possess thorough understanding of strategic initiatives that can catapult your dealership to the pinnacle of success. The passion to make you a grand success gets abundantly reflected in the sales training development. IDDS training emphasizes on motivational techniques that helps to build strategies to identify opportunities and gain an unassailable edge over adversaries.

Certification classes and workshops pertaining to lead generation, prospecting, walk around etc. help make the concepts clear amongst participants.

Dealers gain incisive insights by working closely with IDDS Group Field Sales representatives that help in developing and deploying program specific strategies for exponential sales and profit.

Compensation plans array Finance Managers’ interests with dealers through exciting reward and recognition systems that would foster product penetration and net profit. Cutting edge incentive and bonus programs are conducive to goal attainment.

IDDS Group’s reinsurance program surpasses others in terms of opening up of additional, long term revenue streams. Free evaluation and proposal will outline the process.

Attractive car dealer incentive programs creates extra income for principle dealer through non-commissionable income and motivates finance mangers to align their pay plans to optimally serve dealers. Numbers are driven up through benchmarks and incentive earning qualifications set up by system. This unique performance based program is pivotal for dealers to consolidate their hold on the market.

Sales strategy and proficiency analysis services dissects dealership’s every department for providing comprehensive twelve month analysis of sales, finance and service performances along with potential solutions.

The classes on legal compliance, FTC compliance, Red Flag Compliance will ensure that potential liabilities are swept aside from dealers’ paths.

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Automotive Erp Solutions: Great Source Of Earning

ERP is one of the necessary solutions tailored to meet the demands of the challenges of the automobile industry. The demand for the automobile industry is rising up. Thus, the industry holders have to manage with the huge customer base along with the strict compliance requirements, Tier 1, 2, and 3 automotive suppliers. Mostly every second automobile industry is struggling with the stringent needs of the customer and ERP software works as an incredible supporting feature.

1. Tools supporting ISO 9001 and TS1649 standards.
2. Completely automated EDI processing
3. Warehouse management system (WMS) and the detailed labeling capabilities
4. Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)
5. Automatic VIN generator

Amazingly, as the research analysts says, a few successful industry is already using ERP software solutions for example it is fully approved by Honda of the North America, Inc to target the goals of the EDI requirements in multiple functional areas. The ERP software solutions help in the creating EDI templates and label creation, as well as creation of ASNs to evaluate software installation and supplier capability.

Quality Assured

The ERP solutions are deliberately equipped with the Quality Management system (QMS), which is a powerful solution that enables streamlined operations and also cut the cost of product. Right from the APQP to Gage R&R to SPC, your automotive quality requirements are fully covered so that you can move ahead with complete peace of mind.

Technology steers uniform Manufacturing

ERP software solutions provide comprehensive support for lean manufacturing initiatives with features such as:

1. Serialized label generation
2. Release control Management
3. Complete audit trails
4. Both eKanban and conventional Kanban Control support
5. Heijunka Scheduling
6. Sequence Management
7. Multidimensional sales forecasting and planning
8. Preventative/ predictive maintenance tracking

Automotive Focus

Automotive ERP software helps in a long-standing participant and upgrades with the extensive knowledge of the all automotive standards. It makes you to abreast of industry needs and drives the constant enhancement of leading-edge to perform with excellence, delivers real and show impressive results. In the present marketing scenario of the automotive industry, ERP solutions are a becoming as one of the basic necessities. With some of the eminent features, such as the supply of chain and quality management, EDI systems, Inventory forecasting, Full traceability and warranty management, financial management, lean manufacturing, electronic document management, engineering control management ERP solutions, makes your task pretty easier and lets you to enjoy the fruits ripen before its actual season.


Automotive ERP systems bring a new touch to the present automotive industry. It provides the wide array of options for their challenges. By using this software one can tackle easily with some specific requirements such as automotive components and accessories manufacturers which will enable you to survive in the global market. With the automotive ERP, your will gather experience of centralized business along with efficient management. It also helps in cutting down cost and operating time. Hence, if you are planning to move to automotive industry, then have a look in this article, it will guide you with some best concept regarding automotive ERP.

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Maha Usa Automotive Lifts Solutions

With over 40 years of experience, MAHA USA is the premier US manufacturer of German-engineered automotive lifts. Their renowned technology and reputation for quality has made their automotive lifts some of the best across the board, used by automotive repair shops, car dealership service facilities, and OEMs.

MAHA USA’s automotive lifts meet strict industry standards and are famous for their high quality designs and safety features. From drawing board to assembly line, their automotive lifts are relied upon by major car manufacturers for their reliability and state-of-the-art design.

Now more than ever, automotive lifts are in great demand because people are hanging on to their cars longer, and repairing them, rather than trading them in, or leasing new vehicles. The automotive repair and body shop industries are expanding rapidly, adding more repair bays to handle increased demand. This has simultaneously increased demand for automotive lifts, because it is less costly to make minor repairs, rather than start from scratch with a brand new car. Additionally, people are more conscious of maintenance, using less costly quick-lube service locations, which make good use of automotive lifts, rather than going to a more expensive dealership service centers. MAHA automotive lifts are used by car rental agencies to repair and service their vehicles, and automotive hobby enthusiasts, particularly those who are sticklers about their car’s interior parts, as well as its exterior appearance.

MAHA USA manufactures many different types of automotive lifts depending on the needs of their customers. Their automotive lift technology includes two post, four post, and specialty automotive lifts, as well as specialty, in-ground and scissors automotive lifts for cars, light trucks and SUVs. Depending on the type of business, these automotive lifts can be customized to suit the needs of auto repair shops, body shops, neighborhood repair shops, quick lube service centers and dealerships. All you have to do is asses your layout and MAHA’s distributors will help you determine which automotive lifts are ideal for your setup.

Once you have determined your needs, you can proceed with opening up a new car repair or body shop, or maybe acquire a quick oil change franchise to add this valuable service to your community. Take advantage of the technology of one of the premier American manufacturers, and put it to good use to rebound during these tough economic times. Getting into the auto service business can be a lucrative endeavor, now that new cars are not as easy to obtain. Having automotive lifts from MAHA USA can ensure a new business venture gets off to a great start, or the expansion of an existing auto body service shop is completed without depleting too much equity from your business.

Automotive lifts from MAHA USA are a wise investment to ensure the success of your existing business, or to get you in on the ground floor of a new venture. Trust the quality from MAHA USA for all your automotive repair needs.

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Motorhome European Breakdown Cover The Best Deal

Motorhome breakdown cover

Even though you are a motorhome owner or a VW campervan fanatic, looking for the appropriate breakdown cover for you and your second home is vital. Your motorhome can probably be one of your precious assets and if it suddenly ceases to function, you will have to spend even more.

You won’t be left stranded, breakdown cover can help to relieve that pain and provide peace of mind, but above all, you will have to ensure you have got the proper policy for your needs.

Take notice of omissions on non-professional motorhome policies.

A typical one would not include any vehicle with living accommodation and you should be conscious of all weight limits.

Levels of motorhome breakdown cover

Just like cars, a standard policy for a motorhome should consist of both local recovery and roadside assistance. Extra features are included as add-ons and when you buy a more sophisticated policy.

Breakdown policy options to consider

Home assistance

Home support offers extra cover when your motorhome is not close to your home address or when it is not able to start. Not every policy covers you when your van refuses to start on your drive, thus, if your motorhome is not reliable and you are not clever enough with a spanner, it is sensible to ensure that home cover is added to your policy.

National recovery

With the availability of this package, you will get recovery vehicle and a set number of people to all mainland destinations if your motorhome can’t be fixed locally. National recovery could be a wise investment if you take your motorhome on a regular trip around the UK. Even as you are on holiday, some insurers will come all campsites in the UK.

Onward travel

When your motorhome is faulty and it’s far away from your home, and rapid repair cannot be achieved, onward travel cover will offer you with sensible onward travel expenses or another vehicle will be provided and if the need is, it would cover alternative accommodation.

Several insurers will get you to your vacation destination and pick you up if you are facing some difficulties putting your motorhome on a working condition at the end of your journey. Although, this depends on your insurer’s terms and policy.

Since your motorhome happens to be your holiday accommodation and your means of transportation when you far away, it is appropriate you check if your policy provides the right backup alternative.

European cover

The European cover is an essential part of motorhome breakdown cover if you desire to travel the continent with all the comfort of home. When you make regular trips across Europe although the year, you should make sure you take out year-long European cover. Yearly, a multi-trip cover is usually available for up to 31 days trip and for a year, 90 days in total, while single trip policies may provide cover for up to 91 consecutive days.
Annual policies might need you to inform your insurer before the time of departure to your destination. If you don’t get a prior warning from your insurer of your trip, your policy might be invalid.

It is very vital to inform your insurer which countries you are to visit because insurance requirements differ across the continent. When you are planning a trip abroad ensure that you have European cover and also find out what it entails. Will it take you to your destination? For instance, or basically, if it will take you to the closest garage and leave you in a state of dismay, trying to speak with the mechanic in GCSE French?

Should I Insure myself or my motorhome?

This is a question of personal cover against vehicle cover. The personal cover will insure you as a driver while vehicle cover will insure your motorhome and whosoever that is driving it. The vehicle cover may be the best option if it is more than one person driving the motorhome. It is generally cheaper when the policy provider recognizes the risk it takes when insuring the vehicle.

If you are driving many vehicles, a personal cover may be more appropriate, but it is essential you check if your personal cover is valid for different types of vehicles like motorhome and a car. It is usually more expensive if this type of cover is been used because the insurer won’t know exactly what you are driving.

What if I have a big motorhome?

You may need to take a special breakdown cover if you own a larger motorhome (typically, it is over 5.5m long and 2.3m wide. If this happens to be the case, then you should also be concern about the weight limits. Once more, it is vital you check the information on your policy and also ensure if your motorhome is completely covered.

What if I possess an old motorhome?

You may find out you take more and more care and spend more and more money if you are a proud owner of a VW van. It might not be a serious issue if you are going to breakdown. For vehicles up to a specific age, several insurers might simply provide breakdown protection. You can look around; there are plenty of providers ready to cover old vehicles. It is very important to move around with a fire extinguisher on board as campervans are prone to electrical fires and can easily go up in flames. On a lighter note, it is also very simple to lock the van with your keys while still on the ignition because of the old-fashioned push-down door locks.

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